Christmas for Kids

Support Christmas for Kids

Each year many teens celebrate the holidays and Christmas at Youth Home; away from their families and friends. While the treatment they are receiving is necessary for their future success, this time of year can be difficult. We rely on your generosity to make this a time of celebration.

We look for businesses, organizations, and families to help ensure the 12-17 year-olds at Youth Home have a wonderful Christmas by sponsoring a Youth Home Dove Tree. These small Christmas trees are decorated with special "wishes" in the form of 24 gift tag ornaments that list specific needs for the adolescents and teens at Youth Home. We ask that each group purchase as many of the items on their Dove Tree as possible.

Presents donated after the holidays are used as birthday, incentive, or other gifts throughout the year.

Photo of artist eggs

Youth Home’s Holiday Wish List

Brighten the holidays for the teens in our programs by adopting a Dove Tree or purchasing items from our wish list.

View Our 2016 Christmas Wish List  Make a holiday donation