Day Treatment

Day Treatment Information

Youth Home offers day treatment services year-round for teens who live at home, yet need specialized academic and psychiatric services. Serious behavioral, emotional and/or educational problems prevent these adolescents from functioning effectively in regular school settings. If a teen is unable to attend public schools, the Charles A. Frueauff Wing of Youth Home's Siebert Educational Center provides a professional education setting with small, interactive classes. The school follows the state academic calendar while psychiatric services are available year-round. Siebert School is approved by the State Board of Education.

PCP Referral Form

Day Treatment Includes:

  • Medication management by our Psychiatrists, if necessary
  • Educational and psychological testing by a Licensed Psychologist
  • Individual, group, and family therapy by our Licensed Clinical Therapists
  • Qualified Behavioral Health Provider services 24 hours a day
  • Special Education Certified Teachers
  • A staff to student ratio in the classroom of 5:1
  • Recreational therapy
  • Paraprofessional services
  • Classrooms with state of the art technology including Smartboards and iPads
  • Breakfast and lunch

Admission Criteria - Day Treatment

Students Must:

  • Be 10 to 17 years of age
  • Have evidence of behavioral and/or learning problems that prevent attendance in a regular public school
  • Individual, group, and family therapy by our Licensed Clinical Therapists
  • Have Referral and Due Process procedures completed by the referring school district

Necessary Information for Screening Process:

  • Referral from home school district to our Educational Services Director
  • Primary Care Physician referral (Medicaid clients)
  • Any previous psychiatric treatment records
  • Medical history and any pertinent medical records
  • Medicaid number, insurance card, or arrangements made with our Business Office for private pay with use of a sliding scale
  • Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Immunization Record

Patient Discharge - What to Expect

Planning for a patient’s discharge is an important step in the overall treatment at Youth Home. Discharge planning begins on day one of treatment. Our goal is to provide patients with the therapeutic and life skills necessary to function in a home setting. While in treatment, each patient may have different discharge goals and placement options. Some will return home to their parents/relatives while others will return to foster care or a group home setting. It is the treatment team’s primary goal to make sure patients are placed where their needs will be met medically, educationally, and therapeutically.