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Anna's Story

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Sarah's Story

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Courtney's Story

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Speak up

Speak up

Say no to the stigma surrounding mental illness and pledge to #LiveStigmaFree!

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Start a Conversation

It’s time to break the silence and open up. Join our cause and help end the stigma, one conversation at a time.

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Take Action

Help us cultivate a community that supports recovery and social inclusion, and reduces discrimination.

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Open Up...


leave past prejudices behind


take time to educate yourself on the issues


whether you understand or not, show compassion to those hurting


start a conversation…it’s not taboo to talk about mental health


open your wallet and donate to the cause
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Who is Youth Home?

Maybe you’ve heard of our Celebrity Karaoke event on the Buzz, or Eggshibition, our big fundraiser with the funny name. If you were really paying attention, then you might also know that we offer a place where children and adolescents struggling with mental illness, substance abuse and other behavioral problems can get help. We even have a State Board of Education-approved on-site school that provides a professional education setting with small, interactive classes.

Our Services

Why stigma, why now?

Before Youth Home opened its doors 50 years ago, adolescents and families struggling with mental illness had virtually no place to turn for the specialized care and help they so desperately needed.

Today, there’s another critical need in our community…and beyond. It’s time to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

One in four people suffer from a mental illness. Too often, the stigma associated with mental illness prevents those in need from opening-up and seeking help.

10 reasons to Stop Stigmatizing People with Mental Illness

as told by blogger Rachel Griffin

  • #1 It makes people resist getting help

    #2 It makes people feel like monsters

    #3 It makes you accidentally hurt people you care about

    #4 It makes people feel alone

    #5 It makes people go off medication

    #6 It makes people feel like the future is bleak

    #7 It makes people feel weak

    #8 It makes people get crappy care

    #9 It makes people not know what’s wrong with them

    #10 It’s not compassionate

    View Rachel’s expanded story here
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